The freedom to be without outlets!

{Rayovac sent me a sample of the 7 Hour Power, which retails for $14.99}

On the go with no outlets available to charge your technology? No worries with Rayovac's 7 Hour Power.

7 Hour Power instantly chargers your phones, tablets and other USB-powered devices.

It's so easy to use:
1. Insert AA Alkaline Batteries (included)
2. Connect charger to device (LEDs will light up and remain lit for the duration of the charge)

Works with Samsung, Blackberry, Nokia, LG, HTC, Motorala, iPhone5, 4S, 4, 3GS, 3G, iPod, tablets and most other USB-powered devices.

My Review:
What a genius idea! I have been stuck at the airport numerous times with a low battery on my phone and iPad and all of the outlets have been taken. Such a bummer when you know you have a long flight ahead of you and no games or movies to watch. This would product is perfect to pack in your bag anytime your traveling i.e. plane, boats, trains, car & camping! The batteries are high quality and last pretty long. This is a great gift idea as well!

To purchase your 7 Hour Power click here. Have you tried 7 Hour Power? Would love to hear your thoughts :)

Pure refreshment for the skin from New Zealand {Snowberry Review}!

I'm super excited to share with you my review for Snowberry Skincare. I've been using my Snowberry Gentle Remineralising Toner & Soothing Facial Massage Oil for a a little over a week now and I just think it's fabulous!

All Snowberry formulations contain:
NO Lauryl Sulphates
NO Petrochemicals
NO Propylene or Butylene Glycols
NO Volatile Alcohols
NO Artificial Colors
NO Silicones
NO DEA or MEA ingredients

I'm also obsessed with the packaging. Designed by British artist Rob Ryan! (see below)

{Snowberry sent me a sample of it's Gentle Reminersalising TONER, which retails for $49.00}
Gentle Reminersalising TONER
This is a very gentle soft-foam cleanser that also tones the skin. This can be used on all skin types and for all ages. Marine algae extracts help tighten and counter inflammation, while Neem and Andiroba oils support natural cell rejuvenation and increase softness. The Toner's unusual brown coloring comes from an extract of the fruit of the Soapnut tree, which is a rich source of the natural and gentle saponins that have been used by Asians and native Americans for skin cleansing for thousand of years. Wheat extracts supply essential lipids for the skin and the bio-fermentation product Candida Bombiola extract prevents growth of harmful bacteria without disturbing the skin's natural flora.

Why I love: Not only is this Toner fabulous because it is gentle enough to use on my super sensitive skin but it's also efficient. I just love that it's dual purpose and can cleanse AND tone skin at the same time. Typically toners tend to irritate my skin but this soft-foam cleanser does the job just right!

{Snowberry sent me a sample of it's Soothing Facial Massage Oil, which retails for $34.00}
The Soothing Facial Massage Oil is a superb blend of Azulene(the Chamomile extract that gives the oil it's beautiful color), Inca Inchi, Passion Flower, and Rose Hip Oils that together provide anti-inflammatory properties as well as a rich complex of Omega fatty acids and Vitamin C. Pomegranate oil extract is a powerful anti-oxidant and Bisabolol and Ginger Extract boosts the oil's anti-irritancy properties.

Why I love: Snowberry's Soothing Facial Massage Oil smells d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s! It's so light and refreshing.I have been using one pump in the morning (underneath my mineral makeup) and three pumps in the evening. My skin feels more vibrant and supple. If you put a little too much on just pat dry with a soft tissue.

To purchase or check out Snowberry Skincare products you can click here.

Would love to hear your thoughts
Have you used Snowberry products? Let me know what you think!

40 Bouqs ALL $40 with shipping included {Use Bouqs for your next Flower Delivery!}

I just LOVE ordering flowers from the Bouqs Flower Company! Fresh and Beautiful flowers from Eco-Friendly Farms for $40 (NO HIDDEN FEES)and ALWAYS Free Shipping!

Here's a great video that explains just how the Bouqs works.

Here are some pics of my Bouqs order below. I just love the pretty packaging and the thoughtful card attached to the inside of the box.

My gorgeous Bouqs!

What do you think? Have you tried the Bouqs yet? Would love to hear your thoughts.

To order your Bouqs click here. Also, save 25% when you sign up for their Concierge Service.

Basically you can customize to send:
• For important dates
• As a random surprise
• Or weekly monthly

How cool is that! Happy shopping!

Jillian Wright Skin Care Review

A couple of weeks ago I received the Gentle Peptide Cleanser and the Super Skin Smoothie Mask from Global Skin Health Expert Jillian Wright - Owner/Master Aesthetician of Upper Eastside Jillian Wright Clinical Skin Spa.

Before trying Jillian Wright skin care products, I was able to reach Jillian through email and discuss which products would be a good fit for my skin type. The reason I wanted to confirm which products would be best for me is because I suffer from rosacea and since my pregrancy (Yes, TDS is preggers...more on that in a later post!) my skin has been anything but glowing and glamourous. I also wanted to make sure my choices were pregnancy friendly. After consulting with Jillian, she suggested using both the Gentle Peptide Cleanser and Super Skin Smoothie Fask Mask. Not only is Jillian beautiful but she is super sweet as well. As busy as Jillian is, she sent me a handwritten note which I thought was just lovely :)

The Gentle Peptide Cleanser
The Gentle Peptide Cleanser is a lotion cleanser made with olive leaf extract and ginkgo biloba. Made for all skin types this cleanser is paraben-free, sulfate free, fragrance free, chemical free, nonparticle-free, wax-free, organic ingredients, chirally correct (contains only the side of molecules with ability to give desired results), cosmeceutical strength and natural botanicals.

The Results?

I'm very impressed with the Gentle Peptide Cleanser. It's so gentle on my super sensitive skin and the redness from my rosacea started to disappear within days of using! Even my husband noticed a difference within the first week as well. My pores have minimized and my skin has never been so soft and smooth. I also fell in love with the subtle but intoxicating natural aroma.

The Super Skin Smoothie Face Mask
The Skin Smoothie enzyme exfoliation mask is made with pomegrantate, pumpkin, papaya and pineapple. It's also made for all skin types and is paraben and glueten-free. Click here for a video on how to use the Skin Smoothie Mask.

The Results?
Ah-mazing! Not only does this magic in a jar smell so yummy you just want to eat it up but the results are immediate! I just love applying the face mask because I feel like I'm at Jilian's Spa :) I have been using three times a week for 5 minutes and the results are stunning. With Jillian's help my skin is finally starting to look like the glowing and gorgeous skin I have always imagined you had when preggers :)

Note: The color of the mask is pink but it actually dries clear on skin. So don't be worried if you've applied the mask and the door bell rings (yes this happened to me!)

Here's my before and after skin care pics:

I also love the Jillian Wright Plantable Packaging!
When you plant a Jillian Wright box in a pot of soil, the paper will grow into colorful wildflowers. The wild- flower seed plantable boxes may contain the following flowers:
• Bird’s Eye
• Clarkia
• Black Eyed Susan
• Sweet Alyssum
• English Daisy
• Catchfly
• Snap Dragon

You can check out a how to video here!

I'm so excited that I have found Jillian Wright skin care products. My hubby and I have been talking about visiting NYC in the next year after baby and I will definetely be booking a spa appointment at the Jillian Wright Spa when I'm there :) Have you tried any Jillian Wright skin care products or visited the Spa on the Upper Eastside? I would love to hear your thoughts! To purchase Jillian Wright spa products click here.

Minky Chic Review & Giveaway!

It's winter time even in Southern California. That means it's time to snuggle ...even our pets love it!

This winter season Riley is lucky enough to own his very own Minky Chic Pet Blanket. The Minky Chic pet blanket is a 28" x 28" pet blanket made with plush minky fabric of your choice (38 fabulous colors and designs) on front and your choice of swirls (8 fabulous choices) on back.

Your pet will instantly fall in love with Minky Chic's super soft and very cozy pet blankets. You will fall in love the style, quality and easy to care for instructions.

To order a Minky Chic pet blanket click here. Also, make sure to check out other Minky Chic products such as their Satin Blankets, Minky Blankets, and Pillows. Also, Custom Orders are available too!

Do you own a Minky Chic blanket? I would love to hear your thoughts. Also, make sure to enter the giveaway below for a chance to win your very own Minky Chic Pet Blanket for your loved animal. Good Luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Refresh hair in an instant!

Let's talk hair! My hair is naturally curly/wavy but I LOVE to wear straight (grass is greener on the other side I guess huh). The problem is that because I wear my hair straight so often I don't wash very much so that it doesn't became any more course than it already is from the heat products I use (blowdryer/flat iron). So I thought a great solution would be to try a dry shampoo. After researching dry shampoo's by reviews and price I decided that I would like to try batiste's coconut and exotic tropical dry shampoo.

The Results?

I'm in love!! Not only does my hair look fabulous, it's super easy to use (litterally just spray and go), sprays clear and smells absolutely delicious! Oh, and it's wallet friendly. I found batiste 6.73 fl.oz hair products online at Ulta for under $10!

Lots of other scents and dry shampoos to choose from such as: Cherry, Wild, Blush GB, Fresh, Original, Tropical (the one I'm using), Blonde and Dark.

Click here for a video link on how to use batiste's dry shampoo.

To find a retailer near you who sells batiste click here. Have you tried batiste? What did you think? Would love to hear your thoughts :) Review and $150 Giveaway!

Mr. Sweetheart & I have been renovating our home for the past two years. The current room that we are working on is our family room. With a fresh coat of Behr's Practical Tan paint on the walls and a newly purchased cuddling sofa, our room was still in need of more pizazz. So you can imagine how excited we both were when offered us the opportunity to review one of their fabulous area rugs!

We selected the 3'3" x 5'3" Juniper by Surya in Pewter & Cumin area rug. Hand woven & 100% wool, this rug dazzles in style AND quality. I just heart the sophisticated pattern and the colors complement each other beautifully! Just check out the pics below...

Here's what my Surya area rug looks like in my family room! What do you think?

About has been in business since 2008 and their specialty is in area rugs. They are constantly updating their website with the latest styles and designs, ensuring they have the most up-to-date fashions available. is an online extension of their parent company, Carpet Plus, which has been serving communities throughout the Midwest from 16 locations for more than 35 years.

Other reasons I love

110% Guaranteed Lowest Price! will price-match PLUS discount the rug another 10% of the price difference from the competition's published price.

Guaranteed 10 Day Delivery or Receive 10% Discount. guarantees your area rug will arrive within 10 business days of your order date or they will refund 10% of the purchase price.

Guaranteed 100% Satisfaction Return Policy.
If you are not 100% satisfied with your selection you may return the rug within 30 days from the date you receive it. Your only expense will be shipping costs back to the warehouse (unless product is defective then fees would be waived).

Here are some other patterns that I just love! What do you think?

Have you heard or do you currently own an area rug from
What rug would you choose for your home if you win the $150 giveaway? I would love to hear your thoughts! Also, make sure to enter the giveaway below for your chance to win a beautiful area rug of your choice. Good Luck!

How to enter: You must leave a comment/question on a particular product page at Be sure to leave your email address in the appropriate field so we can confirm your entry in the event you are the lucky winner. Also, make sure to leave me a comment so I can confirm your entry :) Contest ends 2-14-14.

oh, don't forget!

Do you have a hard time following a schedule? I've tried everything from paper calenders to calender apps but nothing seems to stick. Mostly I write what I need to do on post it's but that doesn't cut it becuase I'm always losing them lol

However, the one thing that I do seem to respond to the best is text messaging. That's why I'm so happy that oh,don't forget wanted to work with me on this blog post!

I just LOVE oh, don't forget. Even though I'm a blogger I'm not tech savvy at all so I appreciate that it's super user friendly. Just take a look at the screen shot below to see how simplistic it really is!

I also love that you can add contacts. This makes it easy for me to remind Mr. Sweetheart of his tasks as well :) Here's a screen shot of the dashboard so you can see how this page works as well:

For only $4.95 monthly or $47.50 yearly for a premium account, users can maintain an address book, manage their account, review message logs, send recurring messages and much more. Trust me, this is an investment that you will be so happy you made!

Special: Refer a friend: both get a free month!

Short on funds? No need to fret... oh, don't forget has you covered. ODF has a free option for users as well.

To check out oh, don't forget for yourself click here.

Have you tried ODF? I would love to hear what your thoughts are :)

Introducing the New Ancho Citrus Shrimp Burrito from Rubio's!

Recently Rubio's contacted me and asked me if I would like to try their *New Ancho Citrus Shrimp Burrito*. Of course I jumped at the oppurtunity. I just love Rubio's and have is always been so happy with all the meals I have ordered, so I was really excited to try the latest Rubio's expirement :)

The Ancho Citrus Shrimp Burrito
Description: Pan-seared shrimp basted with ancho chiles, garlic, cilantro, a blend of canola and olive oils, then topped with fresh lime juice and wrapped in a warm flour tortilla with citrus rice, fresh made guacamole, black beans, salsa fresca, romaine lettuce, creamy chipotle sauce and red tomatillo salsa.

*Served with lightly sea-salted chips.

My Review: I LOVE this burrito! Sweet but with just the right amount of tang, I found this buritto to be mouthwatering. Rubio's hits all the right notes by using the perfect blend of chiles, spices, oils, citrus rice and plenty of full-size shrimp. I found this dish to be totally delicious and worth every penny!

If you're not familar, Rubio's is a Mexican restaurant that has 190 locations on the west coast. The Rubio's menu is filled with so many great mexican food options. To keep things fresh in the Rubio's kitchen they are always coming up with new featured tacos and burittos! I also love that Rubio's is easy on the pocket and the customer service is expectional! I've always been treated by the most friendly staff who really seem to love their jobs and keep the resturaunt and it's fun decor spotless. To find a Rubio's near you click here.

Have you had the oppurtunity to try Rubio's? What did you think? I would love to hear your thoughts!

AcNeem Acne Daily Cleanser

Do you suffer from Acne? If so, you should check out the AcNeem product line from JustNeem Body Care which is specially made for acne prone skin. These AcNeem botanical formulations include organically grown African Neem Oil, extracts, and leaves, mixed with Willow Bark and Salicylic Acid and other essential oils. The AcNeem products are all sulfate, paraben, and phthalate free.

Another reason why I like using JustNeem products is because 10% of their profits are reinvested in their project "Planting Seeds of Hope" in Africa. Through their customers they are able to provide independence and econmic security to those in Mauritania, plant thousands of trees in the Sahara Desert, and share the wonders of African Neem Oil with their customers.

AcNeem Acne Daily Cleansing bar is gentle and very effective. I saw results within one week of using. I highly recommend this product if you have sensitive skin and are dealing with breakouts.

To buy AcNeem products click here.