Grocery Outlet Review & Giveaway!

Grocery Outlet recently reached out to me and asked me to do a review for their Grand Opening for their new store in Chula Vista, CA and I'm sooo excited to share my thoughts with you and to offer (2) $25 gift cards to 2 lucky Domestic Sweetheart readers!

If you are not familiar Grocery Outlet offers extreme bargains on brand name merchandise, with prices often up to 60% less than conventional retailers. Grocery Outlet has more than 200 locations in California, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Pennsylvania and Washington. Grocery Outlet carries refrigerated and frozen foods, fresh produce, fresh meat, organics, dry groceries, beer and wine, health and beauty care, over-the-counter drugs, household products, toys and gifts.

So the hubby and I decided to go together as a family and take a mini road trip with Isla (Chula Vista is about 40 mins from us). The event was free to the public and participants had a chance to enter to win fun prizes, including a LG 39-inch HD TV, four tickets to the San Diego Chargers vs. St. Luis Rams football game on November 23, accompanied with four jerseys and baseball hats, and free groceries for a year ($600 value). In addition, Chula Vista Grocery Outlet donated $1,000 worth of food to the Turning the Hearts Center, as a testament to their commitment to helping the local community.

We arrived around 10:30 AM and were greeted outside by the friendliest Grocery Outlet employees with balloons, a mascot, a chance to win cool prizes at the Prize Wheel and fun country music. Once we entered the store we were greeted by two of the sweetest Store Managers and they had put together such a lovely organic and eco-friendly gift bag for us and then gave us a $50 gift card to spend at the store and (2) $25 gift cards to giveaway to Domestic Sweetheart readers! Just check out the pic below!

Not only was I impressed with selection of brand name products that were available but I was even more amazed at the low prices. The best part is that many of the products that were at this Grocery Outlet location were healthy! I really believe that healthy foods should be available to everyone. It makes me upset when I'm at a grocery store and the "healthy" brands are so expensive that some families have no other option but to buy brands that may not be so good for them.

Here is what I scored with my $50 gift card so you can see why I just love Grocery Outlet!

Just how low are Grocery Outlet prices? I was able to buy the Seventh Generation Body Wash and Lotion at $2.99 a piece. I have seen these products in other retail stores for as much as $7! The Fiber One Cereal that you see in the picture was only .99¢ that's a bargain! The only complaint I have is that I didn't have more time to spend in the store but with a 3 month old mommy duty calls :)

To find the Grocery Outlet nearest you click here. What do you think, have you been to a Grocery Outlet? I would love to hear your thoughts! Also, don't forget to enter the giveaway below for your chance to win a $25 gift card. Good Luck!

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Buy.Sell.Adore on

Do you love vintage furniture or unique pieces for your home? If so, you will LOVE is an online marketplace where you can buy or sell beautiful decor.

I'm obsessed with this beautiful website and can't seem to stop finding so many lovely gems. Just like these fabulous accent chairs found on Chairish! Here are just a couple of my favorite pieces below!

What do you think of Have you made any purchases from here? What is your design style? I would love to hear your thoughts!

Hotslings Baby Carrier Pouch Review

I'm so happy that I found a baby carrier that works for me and my baby girl! We are using a Hotslings Pouch & we just absolutely love!

Reasons I heart my Hotslings Baby Pouch Carrier!

Hotslings Baby Pouch grows with your baby.
Click here to watch a short video on how to use the Semi-Reclined Carry Position for 8lbs to 4 months.

Click here to watch a short video on how to use the Front Carry Position for 2 to 8 months.
Note: Isla is currently 11lbs and 2 months old. We use the Front Carry Position and she is absolutely comfortable and loves to be in her carrier while I'm working around the house or walking around town.

Click here to watch a short video on how to use the Hip Carry Position for 6 to 8 months.

It's easy to use. Hotslings is an adjustable pouch carrier that is very easy to use. I've tried on other baby carriers and I found that the Hotslings Baby Pouch Carrier was the least complicated for me. One of my favorite features is that Hotslings designed the pouch with a red arrow so that you know where the carrier should lay on your shoulder

There are 9 Beautiful Designs to choose from. I just love the pretty pattern choices that are available. My Hotslings is in Lemon Mist but there are 9 lovely designs to choose from.

Also, 6 new prints are coming soon! Which one is your fav.? Mine is the mint green in the top left corner :)

It's made with outstanding quality and fits comfortably. The Hotslings Pouch Carrier is 97% cotton and only 3% Spandex. The fabric is lightweight & soft enough for both mom & baby. It's also machine washable. The pouch is secure and non-bulky so it's easy to travel with. Oh, and it doesn't hurt your back or shoulders :) To adjust the pouch size all you need to do is pull the straps through the buckles. Hotslings Carriers are safe for babies 8 - 35lbs.

Bonus! Matching Diaper Pod is included with your purchase.

Hotslings is wallet friendly! All pouch carriers are under $100. To purchase Hotslings click here.

Have you tried Hotslings Baby Carrier Pouch? What did you think? Would love to hear your thoughts!

Hurry! Rubio's Tropical Shrimp for a limited time only

I love seafood so when Rubio's reached out and asked if I would like to try their featured Tropical Shrimp Burrito and Tropical Shrimp Taco I was very excited.

Tropical Shrimp Burrito

This delicious burrito is filled with the perfect blend: pan-seared ancho shrimp, tropical salsas made with mango, pineapple and chiles, pickled red onions, handmade guacamole, Mexican rice, black beans, crisp romaine lettuce and creamy chipotle sauce and is wrapped in a flour tortilla. It also includes a side of yummy of tortilla chips.

*Note: This meal is made with sustainable seafood. Sustainable seafood is fished or farmed using practices that maintain healthy seafood populations without harming the environment.

Tropical Shrimp Taco

The Tropical Shrimp Taco is is also filled with pan-seared ancho shrimp, tropical salsas made with mango, pineapple and chiles, topped with pickled red onions, cabbage and creamy chipotle sauce served on a flour tortilla and garnished with a lime.

*Note: This meal is made with sustainable seafood. Sustainable seafood is fished or farmed using practices that maintain healthy seafood populations without harming the environment.

I'm so happy that I was able to try both of these Rubio's Featured dishes while they were still available. The bold and tasty flavors just melted in my mouth and as always I was impressed by the freshness and the A+ customer service provided. Oh, and Rubio's is wallet friendly too. Both of meals were under $10.

There are 190 Rubio's restaurants on the west coast. To find a Rubio's near you click here.

Have you tried Rubio's? What do you think? Would love to hear your thoughts!

Best Photo Locations in San Diego

This is a guest post written by Lindsey at George Street Photo & Video. If you are planning a San Diego wedding Lindsey has suggested some of the best photo locations in the area to consider. If you haven't picked a location as of yet San Diego is a fabulous choice! Out of all the places I have traveled and lived San Diego truly has the best weather!

Best Photo Locations in San Diego

Rugged mountain ranges, sparkling seascapes, miles upon miles of beautiful beachy goodness...there’s a reason they call San Diego ‘America’s Finest City’! Every inch of this SoCal paradise is as pretty as a postcard — and covered in pretty spectacular photo locations.

From the surf and sand to the scenic walking trails, scope out a few of the spots that should have a place on your San Diego shot list.

La Jolla Shores Beach: Close your eyes and picture the most perfect destination, filled with dozens of gorgeous features fit for a tropical oasis. That’s La Jolla Shores Beach, one of the most popular spots in San Diego. When the tide is low and the sun is just glistening over the sand, head on over to Scripps Pier and let your photographer snap away!

Mission Trails Regional Park: Vast canyons, natural greenery and forests as far as the eye can see, this sanctuary is peace and tranquility at its finest! If you’re looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city crowds, be sure to make a stop at Mission Trails Regional Park. And feel free to take a spontaneous hike while you’re at it!

Balboa Park: Museum aficionado? Filled with incredible landmarks like the San Diego Aerospace Museum, Balboa Park — also known as the ‘Smithsonian of the West Coast’ — offers visitors stunning architecture and some of the most beautiful views of San Diego. And, due to its close proximity to the Aerospace Museum, don’t be surprised if you encounter a few jet planes soaring above as you pose for shots!

Torrey Pines State Reserve: Speaking of striking city views, Torrey Pines is also known for its magnificent spread of the San Diego cityscape. The best part? The reserve offers so much location variety — just a short hike through the natural backdrop, and you’ll be privy to gorgeous ocean scenery and over 2,000 acres of pristine coastal bluffs! There’s truly nothing like it.

Cabrillo Point: Two words — sheer beauty! Home to the Cabrillo National Monument, once of the most beloved landmarks in San Diego, you’ll find this spot right at the top of Point Loma Peninsula. Not only do you get prime views of the San Diego Bay and sprawling Pacific Ocean, but you get a front-row seat to the skyline and the Old Point Loma Lighthouse, a local gem. Stunning!

I know, I know — some of these locations are so beautiful that you couldn’t possibly imagine picking just one! That’s why it’s important to chat with your photographer and develop a plan for locations, which will make the process so much easier. And don’t forget — it’s your photo session! So, let go, have fun and let the beautiful Californian backdrop take you in! For more information on wedding photography and videography, please visit George Street Photo & Video today!

Get back to your pre-pregnancy body faster after baby!

After giving birth to my beautiful baby girl Isla I was excited to get back to my pre-pregnancy bod. To help me lose the extra inches I gained on my waist and hips I used Shinkx Belly & Shrinkx Hips wraps.

I just love these wraps! Made of quality material you don't have to worry about the wraps falling apart. Using Shrinkx helped me to reshape my stomach and hips very fast after pregnancy. The photo above is me a couple of days before giving birth and the second photo is me 3 weeks post pregnancy.

Here's how they both work:
Shinkx Belly is the only belly band with full torso triple compression. Shrinkx Belly's triple points of compression let mom customize the location and level of compression on the abdomen giving her individual postpartum belly support where she wants and needs it the most. Shinkx Belly is made of breathable mesh fabric that molds comfortably to the body and will not hinder movement. Because the band is lightweight and conforms to the body, Shrinkx Belly is easily worn under clothing makeing new moms look and feel better instantly. The belly band also has built in boning to help support the lower back and improve posture while breastfeeding.
The Shrinkx Belly postpartum belly wrap is available in two sizes (Small/Medium and Large/X-Large) and retails for $39.99 at

Shrinkx Hips hip compression belt is an easy and natural way to naturally reduce the size of your hips after childbirth. Shrinkx Hips works thanks to the hormone Relaxin which loosens pelvic joints and ligaments so baby can pass through birth canal. Relaxin stays in moms system up to 8 weeks after delivery keeping hips soft and malleable. When worn in the first 8 weeks postpartum, Shrinkx Hips provides constant, even compression to guide hips back to their pre-pregnancy position. Shrinkx Hips is clinically proven to narrow hips with 95% of moms returning to their pre-pregnancy hip size, or smaller after wearing the belt.

The Shrinkx Hips is available in two sizes (X-Small/Small and Medium/Large) and retails for $49.99 at

Have you tried any of the Shrinkx wraps? What do you think? Would love to hear your thoughts!

Note: Shrinkx sent me samples for this post. I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Do you like to pamper your pup?

If you like to pamper your pup then you will love the Raindrop Fountain by Pioneer Pet!

Why the Raindrop Fountain is so cool!

*Your pooch will love the circulating water and you will no doubt find your pet at the fountain much more than a plain drinking dish. Riley was visiting his fountain within seconds after I plugged in. I also notice that he drinks more water which has always been a struggle for us to get him to do.

*Chic design fits in any room of the house! Really the stainless steel bowls fit well with any decor.

*Easy to clean & dishwasher safe

*Stainless Steel helps to prevent bacterial infection

*Holds plenty of water so you don't have to refill as often as you would with most other dishes

*Replaceable charcoal filter for clean and pure, healthy water

Not only do I recommend the Raindrop Fountain for your pup but I think this would be a unique gift idea for the dog lover in your life as well. It's a gift that would be remembered by both pet & owner :)

Pioneer Pet also manufactures Pet Feeders, Cat & Kitty Toys, Scratch Pads, Litter Products, & Pet Beds. I don't have a cat but here are some of the products that I think are really cool below.

To purchase the Raindrop Fountain or other pet products by Pioneer Pet click here. What do you think...have you tried the Raindrop Fountain? I would love to hear your thoughts!

Note: Pioneer Pet sent me samples for this post. I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Baby's Journey Easy-Reach Tub Review & Giveaway

One of my fave ways to spend time & bond with my newborn baby girl is bath time and I'm so happy to have the Easy-Reach Tub from Baby's Journey to help me.

Here's why I think the Easy-Reach Tub from Baby's Journey is just the best!

*They call it the Easy-Reach Tub for a reason. This tub design makes it super easy to access your baby.

*Easy to fold for travel and storage

*Can be used in sink for sponge bath

*Grows with your baby from 0 - 2 years of age

*Changes into larger tub with back support for toddlers

*Machine washable and can hang dry from shower curtain for quick drying to prevent mildew

Baby's Journey Easy-Reach Tub is available at Babies R Us and Wayfair you can click here for more info. Have you tried Easy-Reach Tub? Would love to hear your thoughts! Also, don't forget to enter the giveaway below for your chance to win a Easy-Reach Tub. Good Luck!

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DRIA Cover Review & Giveaway!

As a breastfeeding mama a comfortable & stylish nursing cover is a must have! My fave nursing cover is the DRIA Cover and here's why:

*Stylish: Be prepared for many compliments because the DRIA cover is so pretty! I packed my DRIA cover in my hospital bag & the nurses LOVED so much :)

Just check out all four of the fabulous styles below. I choose the Solana Style (see pic. below) but I would definitely wear all of them!

*Comfy: Made with Modal fabric. If your not familiar Modal is one of my fave fabrics. It's so soft and light. It's also wrinkle and shrink resistant.

*Versatile: Not only is the DRIA Cover a nursing cover but it can be used as a car seat & stroller cover for your babe(see pic. below).

*Quality: All DRIA Covers are hand cut and sewn locally in San Diego, California to ensure the highest measure of manufacturing quality.

*Travel Friendly: The DRIA cover offers a lot of privacy unlike other nursing covers. All sides are covered when using the DRIA cover & mom can easily peak inside at her baby in private. Since the DRIA cover is made with modal fabric it's wrinkle and shrink resistant so mom can fold or crumple in a small ball to pack in your bag or under your carriage.

To purchase your DRIA cover click here. Have you tried the DRIA cover? I would love to hear your thoughts! Also, make sure to enter the giveaway below for your chance to win one of these fabulous covers. Good Luck!

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Note: DRIA Cover sent me samples for this post. I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

stylish hospital gowns do exist!

So recently PatientStyle sent me one of their lovely Lilli Rue nursing gowns & anti-microbial socks which I just heart! As a breastfeeding mom, having a nursing gown is key & seriously who doesn't love a cozy pair of socks :)

Why I heart Patient Style's Lilli Rue Nursing Gown:

*Comfy: Made of 60% cotton & 40% polyester this gown is very soft for both mom & baby
*Ease: The flaps and slits at chest allow easy access while keeping everything covered
*Quality: Tested in commercial laundry to last over one hundred washes
*Stylish: The Lilli Rue gowns are delicate and pretty compared to stiff hospital gowns

Why I heart Patient Style's Lilli Rue Anti-Microbial Socks:

*Comfy: These socks are so soft and cozy!
*Safe: They have non-slip bottom treads for stability
*Healthy: These socks have anti-microbial properties (how cool is that!)

Here are a few other Patient Style products that I think are great:

===Click here to shop

What do you think? Have you tried or heard of PatientStyle? I would love to hear your thoughts!

Note: Patient Style sent me samples for this post. I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.