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I'm so excited to share with you my most recent find! Have you seen or heard about grilling planks? Well I just tried afire & I'm SO impressed!

I made Salmon on my Northern White Cedar plank . The flavor was incredibly crisp and natural. I would suggest drinking a chardonay if using the Northern White Cedar plank as it is a perfect pairing.

Super easty to use.
1. Just soak plank in water for at least 30 minutes
2. Heat grill to 350 - 400 F
3. Arrange seasoned food on top of plank.
4. Close lid & smoke to your liking.
5. Enjoy!

afire planks are ECO-FRIENDLY! Rince, resoak, and reuse plank multiple times!

To purchase afire planks or other afire products click here. Also, make sure to like on facebook to keep up with their latest promotions & products!

P.S. This is a fabulous holiday gift idea for the foodie in your life!


  1. Cool, thanks for sharing! I've been hearing a lot about using wood planks but have never tried it. This sounds like a great one to try!

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  7. You know what's sad? I'm allergic to seafood, so I can't try this :/ But I'll show my parents - they'll love it!
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  8. Grilling planks are fantastic! Great post!

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    makes me thinking about holiday grill already mmm

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  18. Thank you for the recommendation! Had a boyfriend one time that grilled salmon all wrapped up in foil and smothered in butter and other seasonings. Wonderful!

    Alas... he and his salmon have moved on.

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  20. It´s the first time I see this product.

  21. What a super fab idea, shame it is in usa and i am in uk!
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  23. never heard of it, but it looks nice and useful! :D

  24. I've seen these at restaurants and I'm definitely going to try to get some! It would look especially fancy if I have guests over! Thanks so much for finding my blog! It was meant to be since I'm a Domestic Sweetheart in Training. Following you now for all the help I can get!




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