Carols Daughter

Have you heard of Carols Daughter Natural Hair Products? Well, I'm obsessed! Managing my curly/wavy hair has always been real struggle of mine ever since I can remember. I'm constantly on the lookout for the perfect hair product fit.

Carols Daughter carries natural haircare products for natural hair, relaxed hair, curly hair, healthy and damaged hair types.

Hair Milk 4-Piece Starter Kit:
This Set Contains:
Hair Milk Co-Wash Cleansing Conditioner, 2.0 fl oz
Hair Milk Original Leave-In Moisturizer, 2.0 fl oz
Hair Milk Lite Leave-In Moisturizer, 2.0 fl oz
Hair Milk Pudding Style. Define. Hold., 2.0 oz

First of all the smell alone is enough to fall in love! Hair Milk was able to tame my frizz without leaving an oily residue. It was also just enough conditioner to leave my hair soft and managable. Basically Fabulous :)

Transitioning 1-2-3
Okay DS Readers, I just heart the Transitioning Kit! My favorite product in this line is the Renewing Scalp Spray! Oh my it's lovely! Truly gentle and invograting! For more info. on the Transitioning Kit please watch this video which tell you all you need to know!

Out of all the amaizing hair care products Carols Daughter offers my favourite is Monoi!

My hair is VERY dry. The Sulfate-free shampoo & Repairing conditioner has truly made my hair stronger and healthier. The Monoi hair mask is just icing on the cake. My hair has never felt so smooth & incredible. I was immediately able to run my fingers through my hair after applying AND after washing this super mask cream out of my hair.

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  1. Hi :D
    I really like your blog. do you want to follow each other? I really hope so :)

  2. I knew the brand. I am going to investigate to see if they her sell in España.un enormous kiss, thank you for the post!

  3. These products sound amazing !
    I am so jealous that yo are living in San Diego... I have been there ones and completely fell in love :)

  4. Thanks so much for following my blog! I love your's, too! Will definitely be following.

  5. I love Carols Daughter products! They finally came to Canada last year ;o)

  6. Sounds fantastic! But I suppose, my hair is not long enough :(

  7. I have thick, curly hair and am in the process of letting it grow out - thanks for this review!!! :)


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