oh, don't forget!

Do you have a hard time following a schedule? I've tried everything from paper calenders to calender apps but nothing seems to stick. Mostly I write what I need to do on post it's but that doesn't cut it becuase I'm always losing them lol

However, the one thing that I do seem to respond to the best is text messaging. That's why I'm so happy that oh,don't forget wanted to work with me on this blog post!

I just LOVE oh, don't forget. Even though I'm a blogger I'm not tech savvy at all so I appreciate that it's super user friendly. Just take a look at the screen shot below to see how simplistic it really is!

I also love that you can add contacts. This makes it easy for me to remind Mr. Sweetheart of his tasks as well :) Here's a screen shot of the dashboard so you can see how this page works as well:

For only $4.95 monthly or $47.50 yearly for a premium account, users can maintain an address book, manage their account, review message logs, send recurring messages and much more. Trust me, this is an investment that you will be so happy you made!

Special: Refer a friend: both get a free month!

Short on funds? No need to fret... oh, don't forget has you covered. ODF has a free option for users as well.

To check out oh, don't forget for yourself click here.

Have you tried ODF? I would love to hear what your thoughts are :)


  1. Hello from Spain: GREAT PROPOSAL... Keep in touch

  2. Such a neat concept! I'm horrible at keeping up on my to-do lists.


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