Pump Anytime, Anywhere, & Around Anyone with Freemie!

During my pregnancy I decided that I was going to give breastfeeding a try. With so many benefits to baby and mom I figured that it was worth it to give it my all. I took a couple of classes and spoke to other moms who had nursed their babies so I knew the benefits but also the challenges.

Since, I'm able to stay at home with my daughter I decided that I would mostly breastfeed but I also knew there were going to be times when I would need to pump. That's why I was so happy when Freemie agreed to work with me and send me their Manual Breast Pump and Hands Free Concealable Breast Pump Collection System to review.

Since, I would only be pumping on occasion I decided that the Manual Breast Pump was best suited for my needs.

What I love about the Freemie Manual Breast Pump:

Easy to use - Easy to prepare the Freemie Pump. Boil parts for 10 mins. & assemble in seconds.

Easy to clean - With only 4 parts (not including tubing) it's very easy to take care of your Freemie Pump.

Travel Friendly - I found compared to other breast pumps the Freemie Manual Breast Pump was more petite which makes it easier to pack.

Easy to conceal - Freemie Pumps fit right into your bra compared to other pumps that you have to hold which makes for a much more comfortable pumping session. While I'm using my Freemie System I can check my email/phone messages or just relax with a cup of my Mother's Milk Tea & book or magazine next to me.

Wallet Friendly - Freemie Pumps are well worth the price of $69.95

===Watch how the Freemie System Works here!===

If you would like to purchase the Freemie Breast Pump Collection you can click here. What do you think...have you tried Freemie Pumps? I would love to hear your feedback!


  1. I have & I love it!!!!! I originally bought this same set you posted about and loved it so much that we bought the conversion kit for my Ameda Purley yours. It is amazing. I have to pump in the car due to the nature of my job and it is so much easier than fiddling with the bra, cups ect. It saves time and is much more comfortable. I have recommended this pump to all my friends!

  2. This sounds great for you Wendy ;o)


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